Design and Graphics

Design and Graphics

Every brand needs to have a strong identity that is created by a well-coordinated, attractive, and creative website and social media posts.

Design And Graphics

Every brand needs to have a strong identity that is created by a well-coordinated, attractive, and creative website and social media posts. The logo is the most important part of your company’s identity and to make the visual representation of your business stronger with designing arts you need a skilled and creative graphic designer. In today’s world social media platforms are the primary location for advertisement if you have visually strong, appealing, and compelling graphics then definitely it will accelerate marketing. Compelling visual representation plays a significant role in connecting a company with clients or consumers.

Have you ever considered outsourcing design and graphics for your company? Are you looking for trusted business process outsourcing services? TinyOx is the perfect place to find adroit graphic designers to grow your marketing stronger with business process outsourcing. We have a team of trained graphic designers who have the skills and aptitude to use elements of graphic design and design principles to create visually impactful designs for your company. We offer business process outsourcing that is highly economical along with excellent quality. Our designers have an excellent command of different tools and software to create innovative designs adapting to fast-paced digital transformations.

Our designers are known for creative logo designs. Infographics, website layouts, product labels, business cards designs, social media posts, flyers, brochures, and advertisements. TinyOx offers business process outsourcing with cost-effective, and high-quality services, and our trained and experienced team is what makes us different from other companies offering business process outsourcing services.

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What are the Roles We Offer?

We offer development and conceputualisation of all-over creative designs using images, typography, and motion graphics. We create visually compelling designs for advertisements, social media posts, brochures, flyers, and print media.

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Brochure Designing

Our graphic designers create inquisitive and appealing brochures to captivate the attention of your customers.

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Banner & Flyer Designing

We create banners/flyers that instantly arise the interest of consumers. Our designers are known for their most trusted, expressive, and unique designs.

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Label Designing

Labels need to be captivating and catchy to call for customers’ attention to your product. Our label designing can help you talk to your customers through designs.

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Logo designing

Logos are the visual identity of your company and that is what makes people remember your company. We create logos focused on your desire and add creativity to make your identity unique and different from others.

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Business cards

We create business cards fashioned according to your personal preferences.

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Menu designs

We create menu designs that are truly bespoke for your business and ensure it is comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing, and interactive.


Web Designing

Our skilled web designers create an enticing layout to create a strong visual appearance of the websites ensuring easy to use interface without compromising on its aesthetic appeal.


Visual Designing

We offer highly artistic visual designing to demonstrate the tone and voice of content as liked by you. Designs we create are user-centered and created to maximise user experience during all kinds of interfaces either website or mobile apps.


User Experience

We ensure exceptional user experience across various platforms. The area of focus of our UX designers is on how users navigate the site ensuring easy navigation along with changes on click buttons, website themes, etc. We ensure smooth usability on your website for the best online experience.


Design and Graphics

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