Why Should You Outsource Virtual Assistant and What Tasks You Can Outsource?

Managing a business is not an easy task, it comes with a heavy set of burdens, and most of us are too busy managing tasks to devote time to important tasks. The majority of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives are overwhelmed by the bulk of administrative tasks they have to manage daily, and these tasks often make time management difficult. Staying focused on these administrative tasks often distracts you from your core tasks. With all these tough rows to hoe, it is best to have administrative support, to let you stay focused on your work and improve your productivity without the pressure of work management. Outsource virtual assistants to trusted BPO companies seems to be the easiest solution of all.

What does Virtual Assistant do?

You can outsource a virtual assistant to BPO companies to manage your business task which keeps you occupied all day. Outsourced virtual assistants can perform almost any task according to your requirements, from setting up your office to managing your emails and calls on your behalf. Virtual Assistants are often a great help for time-consuming administrative tasks like data entry, managing incoming and outgoing calls, scanning documents, report writing, and other office assistance tasks.


Virtual Assistants can perform a variety of tasks ranging from personal tasks to complete administrative and management roles, depending on your preference and need.

Here are some common virtual assistant outsourcing services enlisted which are usually offered by BPO companies when you outsource virtual assistants.

• Personal Tasks

Are you tired of managing calls and making personal appointments? Then a virtual assistant is all you need. You can outsource a virtual assistant and they can manage every small task on daily basis, from managing incoming and outgoing calls, emails, to making appointments with clients, and other office tasks for you. Apart from office tasks, virtual assistants can also manage your personal tasks like organising your trips, booking flights or trains, hotel reservations, personal errands, and reminders of meetings.

• Management of Administrative Tasks

Data entry is one of the most time-consuming and boring tasks. You can outsource a virtual assistant to a reliable BPO company for data entry. Virtual assistant outsourcing can help you manage many office administrative tasks like data entry, documentation, scanning documents, and file management.

• Calendar Management

Every business owner or executive struggles to attain work-life balance, and calendar management is an important part of every business, which makes achieving work-life balance easier. This can be done by virtual assistant outsourcing for calendar management, virtual assistant will adeptly manage your meeting schedules, appointments, and reminders.

• Management of accounting tasks

Commonly BPO companies inculcate management of accounting tasks under the virtual assistant outsourcing services. Virtual assistants can provide support in sending invoices, management of budgets, monitoring expenses, etc. Many BPO companies offer accounting and finance outsourcing, so if you want you can opt for that as well.

• Report Writing and Documentation

A virtual assistant can also be a great help in noting down minutes of meetings and writing reports, such as reports on weekly or monthly tasks, sales, and purchases.

• Managing Social Media Accounts

A virtual assistant can skillfully set up and manage your official social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc, along with adding regular updates on these platforms.

• Research Tasks

Are you also tired of spending hours on research? Online research is the most tedious task whether you are researching some basic product or a great project. An efficient way to deal with this time-taking task is to outsource a virtual assistant for the research work so that you can get all your research done professionally without wasting your hours on it. Virtual assistant outsourcing services not only include research work but virtual assistants can prepare PowerPoint presentations and reports on it as well.

Why Should You Outsource Virtual Assistant for Your Administrative or Personal Tasks?

As discussed above, a virtual assistant can manage various functions, and taking professional help for your personal and administrative tasks can be a great support in easy management of all the tasks without spending hours on them. There are many benefits of outsourcing to a virtual assistant, such as:

• Professionalism

BPO companies often provide training to virtual assistants and they have the experience to deal with various management tasks. Virtual assistants are very skilled professionals who have expertise in multi-tasking which gets your tasks done faster and in a professional manner. 

• 24/7 administrative support

A significant benefit of outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant is that they are available 24/7, even after working hours and during weekends for your administrative support. 

• Saves Time

Virtual assistants outsourcing can save your hours of work and can help you stay focused on your core business. 

• Cost-effective

Outsourcing your daily management tasks to a virtual assistant is not only time-saving but also a very cost-effective solution. To hire a full-time employee, you will have to go through the tedious task of recruitment and it will cost you a lot more than outsourcing tasks to BPO companies.

Today many BPO companies offer a range of virtual assistant outsourcing services, but it is crucial to find a reliable company to trust with your business roles and tasks. If you are looking for a dependable and entrusted BPO company then TinyOx is the place where we offer the most reliable business process outsourcing services to various sectors and domains.