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Outsourcing Customer Service

Hiring a customer service team through business process outsourcing, allows businesses to build their team whilst still saving on labor costs. Overseas customer service teams usually offer affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.

Customer Service

Tinyox creates a capable and proficient team to handle your business customer services to let you focus on your core business issues with innovative and effective solutions through business process outsourcing. It is important to choose to outsource customer services that do not risk the quality of customer service. At Tinyox, our focus is to provide services that do not sacrifice customer experience rather fulfill customer needs at any cost.

Customer services are a very crucial part of any company as it increases sales, reach and exceed customer expectations, and using the right business process outsourcing for this can definitely boost your company’s success. We render timely solutions for your valuable customers along with a proactive, and delightful customer experience.

Business process outsourcing often seems risky as it involves a third party handling your customer support operations but along with that, it comes with various benefits. Most of the industries and public sectors rely on business process outsourcing according to their strategies.

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What is our role in customer service?

There is a range of customer service outsourced roles varying from call handling to email or online chat support. The roles available for you via customer service outsourcing are

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Inbound Service

In Inbound call centers, a competent and proficient team of experts handles customer’s enquires, complaints, and in-bound queries which are usually made via calls, social media platforms, or live chats.

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Outbound Service

Outbound call centers involve contact with customers and potent customers in order to introduce new services and offers along with reminders of due bills.

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At helpdesk team of experts deals with customers’ complaints or queries regarding products and services. These experts adroitly resolve customers’ issues to seek customers’ satisfaction.

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Non-voice support

Non-voice support focuses on written assistance via live chat, emails, or social media to engage customers and resolve their concerns.

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Technical support

In technical sectors technical support is very important, we offer technical support outsourcing. It includes troubleshooting of the customer’s website, hardware, or software, and assistance in the usage of a device. Technical support also involves dealing with installing or uninstalling software or installation of a device.

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Telemarketing services

Marketing seems like such a daunting task and reaching target markets is very expensive and time-taking. Telemarketing services are an effective way to boost profits. Telemarketing services outsourcing involves increasing brand awareness and also conducting researches to help customers.

Why choose Customer service outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing is not only cost-effective but also has sustainable benefits for making your business functions more efficient and optimised.


More cost-effective solution

Customer service outsourcing is a very cost-effective solution, as it cuts up to 70% of costs. Business processes outsourcing can save you from the strenuous task of setting up a competent team and providing them with the required equipment, tools, and office space.


Trained and Proficient Team

At our customer service centers, we provide training to meet the standards of your company with skilled use of various modes of communications. Our team is adroit and adept to ensure your customer satisfaction.


More coverage

Outsourcing can extend your service hours to 24/7 including online chats, emails, and call customer services.


Multi-lingual options

Customer services outsourcing broadens the customer base by adding more language options and is also beneficial for potential customers.


Better resources and Technologies

Our services provide access to the latest technologies such as software, server programs, and the creation of secure data warehousing.


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