Lead Generation & Sales

Lead Generation & Sales

Lead generation is the strenuous process of finding leads, contacting them, and skillfully converting them into potential buyers of your services.

Lead Generation & Sales

Lead generation is the strenuous process of finding leads, contacting them, and skillfully converting them into potential buyers of your services. The process of lead generation is very time taking and complicated that’s why it is better to choose business outsourcing and take help from the best and trusted business outsourcing company. Many companies get lost in the complexities and chaos of the lead generation process Lead generation outsourcing can help you with accelerating sale development and can bring efficacy to your sales process.

TinyOx is the most reliable business outsourcing company which offers dependable and highest quality business outsourcing services. We at TinyOx offer lead generation outsourcing to align sales and marketing and accelerate sales of your services. Our team specialises in sales development and can execute lead generation up to perfection for your business.

Lead Generation services uk
Lead Generation services uk

How do we do it?

Along with other quality business outsourcing services, TinyOx offers sales outsourcing across the UK to help businesses generate good leads with our expert lead generation strategies.

At TinyOx, our proficient team first analyses your company, services you offer, your existing clients to create an Ideal Customer Profile or buyer personas for the company’s future outreach. Our team first tries to understand your business requirements, to generate valuable leads and a multi-channel digital presence. Our team finds leads and select effective channels for the outreach, and contact potential buyers. After campaign setup, we align your business to quality prospect contact data from our databases. Another powerful tool in lead generation is quality content. We use digital, social and email marketing to deliver our message to prospects. Our Campaign Management and Reporting system are specifically tailored for the lead generation of your business. You will receive full insight into the campaign along with monthly reports. We can redesign our campaign if the results of our lead generation and created opportunities do not satisfy you.

Effective lead generation is a difficult task, and often very expensive, and time-consuming. Lead generation outsourcing to the TinyOx can save you from this odious task.

TinyOx uses a variety of platforms to generate great communication strategies for your business, as communication is integral in lead generation and sales. We use integrated approaches and marketing strategies to enhance sales of your services. Our areas of expertise are lead generation, data management, telemarketing, and email marketing.

Why Should You Choose TinyOx for Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing?

Our expert sales team is dedicated to delivering top-notch marketing services to drive tangible results. We help you achieve the outcome you envision.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our team believes in quality services at low cost. We create efficient strategies and cost-effective solutions for your business.



Our marketing team has years of experience in lead generation and we know to create campaigns to deliver the desired results for your business. We can help you gain more valuable leads, sales and help your business grow.


High-Quality Lead Generation

Our experienced team finds valuable leads by doing market research to identify your prospects better. Our adept teams tailor campaigns and strategies according to the business needs to help you connect with prospects and increase sales.


Increase Capacity

Choosing us can save you from the arduous task of creating a team and understanding the process of lead generation, finding new channels to approach prospects. Outsourcing lead generation and sales to TinyOx can save you lots of time and effort. Our team can create strategies, identify your prospects, contact them and accelerate your sales in no time.


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