Small Business Outsourcing: Seven Roles That Small Business Should Outsource

The BPO industry has been evolving and expanding to various domains, now the BPO industry offers business process outsourcing to all business sizes. All business owners and entrepreneurs are aware of outsourcing but have this misconception that it is more economical to spend money on hiring full-time employees or doing the task themselves than outsourcing roles to the BPO industry for back-office or front-office functions. Whereas small business outsourcing is a far more cost-efficient alternative for handling operations in-house as it saves you from the effort of managing tasks and processes and allows you to get things done faster with external professional help. Since the BPO industry is growing really fast now businesses can comprehend the benefits of outsourcing tasks to trusted BPOs to enhance their business efficiency and to help them stay focused on their core projects.

Here are some small business outsourcing services that BPOs offer, you can outsource these roles to get your work done expeditiously:

1. Accounting and Finance

More than 60% of small businesses in the UK chose to handle payroll and accounting in-house. Handling accounts require a financial expert and if you are managing accounting and finances yourself then it will be a very time-consuming task with a high risk of errors. It is always preferable to choose small business outsourcing for accounting to BPOs and let a professional accountant handle your accounting and finance tasks efficiently and save your time and cost of a full-time employee. Outsourcing payroll and accounting to BPOs can significantly reduce costs and when an expert accountant handles your finances it diminishes the chances of blunders.

2. Customer Support

For an organisation to strive, a well-managed customer circle is important. This involves both keeping current customers satisfied, while simultaneously strategising to bring in new ones. However, such a task can be tedious to manage and from a business point of view, revenue and workforce should be invested in meeting business goals and targets instead. So, outsourcing your customer support is an easy solution, and entrusting a small business outsourcing company in the BPO industry to handle all your customer queries and concerns relieves your staff to focus on making the business better for consumers. It is necessary however to provide the BPO company with each business detail so that your customer support can be managed efficiently.

3. IT Management

As a backbone of any business, the IT department is integral to the development and growth of any business. Assistance and management are important, and so is the need to outsource IT management. Recent trends within the BPO industry show that one of the most outsourced services has been IT management. Outsourcing to a firm that offers rapid assistance and manages IT concerns or a major IT provider, strengthens the operation of your business. So, waste no time and churn through the BPO industry to find a service provider that will manage all your IT concerns thoroughly.

4. HR

Managing your business’ workforce and all related concerns shouldn’t be a hassle and certainly not a hurdle in your business development. This is why, decisions related to employees, particularly recruiting and hiring, managing salaries, and employee conduct concerns of your workforce, should all be handled by a company in the BPO industry. Outsourcing your HR is one of the most common business services to be entrusted to a BPO industry company, and is bound to relieve you of employee concerns, giving greater time and revenue to focus on your business goals and targets.

5. Administrative Role

Good administration is really important for any business and it is often challenging to manage all by yourself even if you are a small business. Outsourcing administrative roles to BPOs is beneficial for small businesses are it will not only improve the efficacy of the work but with their expertise and experience, you can get help in planning, accounting, and advisory. It can help your firm grow reducing workload substantially. Virtual assistants are great at handling all your administrative and personal tasks like email and call management, appointment and schedule management and saves you a lot of time to focus on your business rather than managing everything.

6. Logistics

As a small business financing, your own logistics can be very expensive, outsourcing logistics to reliable BPOs is the most cost-effective solution than spending money on buying technology, getting a warehouse and transport to manage logistics. BPOs have advanced technology to monitor progress and they ensure all the operations run smoothly without any disruption. Being a small business it is often challenging to meet customer demand and manage speedy deliveries, so small business outsourcing can save you from this arduous task, and help you meet the expectations of your clients with exceptional services and management of everything in time.

7. Marketing

Marketing is an important part of the BPO industry, most businesses outsource marketing to boost their business growth. Marketing inculcates finding a potential customer and representing your services or product in an appealing way which requires a lot of research and expertise in the field. Not every small business has the potential and skills to handle all in-house tasks as well as marketing. It is more advantageous to outsource marketing to a professional and experienced marketing firm to handle all your marketing needs adeptly. They can assist you in handling potential customers, social media marketing, digital marketing, content, and design creation using their proficiency in the field.

Being a small business owner or entrepreneur it is better to go for small business outsourcing for the majority of tasks to the experienced BPOs to efficiently manage costs and it will help you focus on expanding your business rather than getting caught up in the administration of business operations.

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